Sweet Little Cupcakes – A Sneak Peek of the K Family

So, I’m busy.  That’s an understatement actually.  I am won’t-sleep-till-December-26 kind of busy.  (I’m just thrilled about it!)  But I borrow time to eat, sleep and breathe.  And at times like these, I have to really work hard not get in a creative rut.  It’s tempting to schedule – shoot – edit – repeat.  But my shoot yesterday broke me out of a slump in a big way.  Like so many of the amazing families I photograph – we laughed, played, were silly and had a great time.  The diference maker – SUGAR!  We ended the 90 minute session with a trip to Sugarland, a fantastic bakery in downtown Chapel Hill.  These shots came from the last ten minutes of a 90 minute session – and we got lots and lots of really beautiful, mom-pleasing shots too.  But these, these are my favorite.  I can just taste the icing!




And my three favorites, with seriously indulgent processing…….


My Little Impish Thing

This time of year, I’m so busy that I can hardly get a post up at all, let alone a personal post.  But these shots, taken last Friday, in a second before the big kids Halloween parade, inspired me.  I guess my little impish two year old just got the best of me.  :-) What can I say?  I’m a sucker for this dude and his “hey, it’s autumn, i-can-put-a-leaf-on-my-head-if-i-want-to attitude.

The G Family Comes to Chapel Hill

Last week, a sweet family of five drove from Fayetteville to see me.  It’s always so flattering when a family is willing to drive up to have photos with me and I just loved it.  They are both alums, so we romped around campus and Corker and had a blast.  Here are some of my favorites of the day!  

My Sweet DC Family

I love photographing in people’s homes.  When I first started my business, it scared me.  Houses can be dark, cluttered, cramped.  But usually, we can find a spot – inside or out – where the family just comes alive.  This was the case for this sweet family in DC.  I was hired by a family friend to photograph them as a birthday gift.  And we spent an unusually long time, almost two hours.  We shot in the living room, the bedroom, on a blanket outside, and along a neighbor’s garden path.  Each of these locations gave us something different and something very intimate.  I loved it.  Plus, who can go wrong with two sweet little girls like these?!?!?




Sneak Peek – The Rescheduled N Family, Finally!

So, this sweet family was the victim of my battery crisis.  Nearly two months ago, my battery failed in the middle of our shoot.  Then we rescheduled and mom got sick.  Then, I got sick.  Then we got rained out.  Seriously, how many challenges can we have?!?!?!

But today, it all came together, beautifully!  It was a beautiful day.  Everyone was in a great mood (if a little hungry) and they were very much themselves.

Let me just say, I love love love Molly.  Wow.  She is spunky.  Full of energy and life.  Kiddos like her make my job the best job in the whole entire world.  Hmmmm… so here are my favorite shots so far.  These are just the ones I was looking for during my download.  The ones I saw in camera.  I’m sure there will be much much more to come from such a great day.


F a c e b o o k   F a n   P a g e
N e w s
N o v e m b e r   S p e c i a l s