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My Little Impish Thing

This time of year, I’m so busy that I can hardly get a post up at all, let alone a personal post.  But these shots, taken last Friday, in a second before the big kids Halloween parade, inspired me.  I guess my little impish two year old just got the best of me.   What can […]

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The Cobblers Kids Get Shoes

So, I photograph my kids a lot.  At home, the pool, on vacation….  But what I don’t do is dress them all up at the same time and take them somewhere expressly for the purpose of photographing them.  Today, I did! I have 20 sessions in July.  Interesting, because I’m out of town for about […]

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365 Project

Ummm, mom.  I realize I’m two.  But this copy of That’s Not My Train is not going to read itself.  So if you wouldn’t mind….  

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Boys! Will someone please explain them to me?

So, in my mind, boys are like liberatarians. I don’t have anything against them.  In fact, I rather like them.  I just don’t understand them. Case in point, this interchange from our recent trip to Atlantic Beach.  We were in the hotel restaurant when B, age 4 and full of vim and vigor, decided to […]

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365 Project – Blueberry Picking at Cedar Grove

Every year we wait for blueberry season.  Our favorite place to pick berries is at Cedar Grove Farm, just up the road in Cedar Grove NC.  Some very kind people own the farm.  It’s laid back, on the honor system, and we pick, and pick, and pick.  Until we’re just too hot to pick anymore. […]

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