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{Not My} Walker

My friend Wendy has a Walker too.  In fact, her Walker and mine have a lot in common.  They’re both super super spunky, have a million faces and love to laugh.  Wendy, her husband Mike, and I took her Walker downtown to get some shots.  Her goal was some fun photos of him and boy […]

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Jackson V. – Corey Williams – Chapel Hill Family Photographer

I readily admit that I love this guy.  He always makes me laugh.  He talks to me and we play.  I love his sense of humor. (He gets it from his mom.)  So, here’s some things I’ve learned about Jackson.  He loves chili and doughnuts.  So do I.  He goes to work everyday.  So do […]

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365 Project

Ummm, mom.  I realize I’m two.  But this copy of That’s Not My Train is not going to read itself.  So if you wouldn’t mind….  

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Boys! Will someone please explain them to me?

So, in my mind, boys are like liberatarians. I don’t have anything against them.  In fact, I rather like them.  I just don’t understand them. Case in point, this interchange from our recent trip to Atlantic Beach.  We were in the hotel restaurant when B, age 4 and full of vim and vigor, decided to […]

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Keeping Promises to Little People – Corey Williams Baby & Child Photographer Chapel Hill

My middle son, Bennett, is obsessed with fairness. He has been since he was little. He wants to know why adults can drive cars, drink wine, and raise their voices. When he was little he didn’t understand why his sister got to wear glittery things and go to school. And of extreme importance to Bennett […]

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