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Sneak Peek – The Rescheduled N Family, Finally!

So, this sweet family was the victim of my battery crisis.  Nearly two months ago, my battery failed in the middle of our shoot.  Then we rescheduled and mom got sick.  Then, I got sick.  Then we got rained out.  Seriously, how many challenges can we have?!?!?! But today, it all came together, beautifully!  It […]

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A Sneak Peek at The Super Sweet S. Family

It was 90 degrees tonight when my shoot at Corker Arboretum began.  And in a nearly never-before-seen maneuver, my subjects showed up early.  Ok.  I know how hard it is to get a family dressed and looking good, so right away I was impressed.  Plus, these people were, well, beautiful.  And fun!  How much do […]

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A spunky girl, a sweet baby, and a stinky battery

I learned a big lesson the other day.  I had a battery fail on me for the first time.  In the middle of a shoot, after being fully charged, the darn thing just stopped talking to my camera.  When I put a new battery in at home – no problems.  So, yours truly is now […]

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Jackson V. – Corey Williams – Chapel Hill Family Photographer

I readily admit that I love this guy.  He always makes me laugh.  He talks to me and we play.  I love his sense of humor. (He gets it from his mom.)  So, here’s some things I’ve learned about Jackson.  He loves chili and doughnuts.  So do I.  He goes to work everyday.  So do […]

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The Cobblers Kids Get Shoes

So, I photograph my kids a lot.  At home, the pool, on vacation….  But what I don’t do is dress them all up at the same time and take them somewhere expressly for the purpose of photographing them.  Today, I did! I have 20 sessions in July.  Interesting, because I’m out of town for about […]

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